Message from Atmar


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


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Trapped in your mind

When you are trapped in your minds, you remain slaves and your brains are not put to use. What do you have this wonderful tool for? To lie idle?

This way of thinking is the root of all fears. The more limited your thoughts are, the stronger your fears. If you only think what is socially acceptable, what represents the norm and avoids any offenses, you have already lost. Then no spiritual practices will help you, and you should never voice the expression “growing consciousness”.

Everything starts with just one free thought. Everything!

You conquer the world starting from your brain, because only thoughts give form and expression to everything.

Fear is your companion – as long as you think what others think. As long as you harbor common thoughts and don’t dare to take a mental risk at least, you remain prisoner of this time. A master thinks the “unthinkable”, a master is no stranger to any thought, and a master likes to befriend new thoughts that have never been thought before.

Thoughts are free – and as soon as you grant yourself this freedom, they are actually free.

The point is that too many people lead their lives in a way that is adapted to society, customs and traditions, environment, to what is allowed and what is prohibited: Crossing lines, daring the impossible or to at least daring to think the impossible, is characteristic only for very few.

2/3 of the brain is dormant

As soon as you dare to think thoughts that are not socially acceptable, that are “forbidden” in this matrix because of an unconscious collective agreement of humanity, regions in your brain will awaken that have been dormant until now.

Up to 2/3 of the human brain remains unused in most people. These regions are revived with each thought that is frowned upon in this world.

When you think of God’s endlessness, of the fact that for you everything is possible as well, that in fact you are unlimited consciousness, free of fears and full of light and love, then you spark a true firework in your brain.

The more you limit yourself, the slower your thinking and the bigger the fears, because this matrix is your point of reference for your life.

Bursting chains

Fearfulness is overcome by freedom of thought. You can gain freedom of thought when you dare to take the risk of welcoming every thought that wants to come to you – instead of a priori rejecting everything that inflicts fear.

Don’t dismiss a single thought before having examined it closely. Keep the ones that expand your awareness and enhance your life, let go of those that chain you to this matrix.

You used to be a slave of fear. You are freedom and love. Think the “unthinkable”, allow unbelievable thoughts to reach and enter you, then the divine will reveal itself in multiple ways.

The very beginning of awakening lies in your brain. For as long as you don’t take risks on the level of thought, you aren’t ready for it on any level.

Spiritual growth occurs as soon as you burst the chains of your mind. Then you are ready for a master or ready for the path of mastery.



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