Message from Archangel Michael


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


photo credit: Andrea Percht


Revolutionaries, prophets and masters – awaken!

Beloved humans,

Crossing borders, exploring new paths and extending your journey far beyond your imagination – this is what this message is about.


As of yet, fear of repression and possible consequences if you revolt against the conditions of this matrix, is still widespread. “Revolutionaries” rarely ever came to a peaceful end, and their lives were full of unfortunate consequences that left deep imprints in their karmic consciousness – and these “revolutionaries”, these “prophets”, are amongst you now once again. This is addressed to some of you following this transmission.

Now it’s time to dismiss all your wounds from your energy bodies, to invite the light in, so that it can resolve these dramas, blockades and traumata.

Today the time has come for these healings, because for what is to about to happen here on earth, it takes human beings who are no longer haunted by these images from past lives.

Your range of activity shall no longer be limited, but expand into complete freedom.

Two things need to be realized now:

1.) inner peace and inner equanimity

2.) outer action on that basis

Today masters are shying away from going public. They are afraid of contempt, of scorn, of attacks on mind, spirit and body. This attitude, which is quite understandable, causes some delay or even complete absence of some developments.

Anyone who knows their missions …

Anyone who is connected to God’s light, the source of all life, knows their missions – and anyone who knows their missions but can’t complete them for the reasons mentioned, is called upon to take these steps into freedom.

For mankind needs clear souls, courageous spirits and peaceful warriors of light.

TODAY your light may procure something great. TODAY you are not left alone when you step up for the ONE.

TODAY you are many, and there will be more and more of you.

Anyone who feels the vocation and mission is called upon to observe their own blockades and to examine them regarding their value. Are these barriers still serving you or do they represent an obstacle? Achieving freedom on all levels, that is the goal. You can accomplish this if, with the help of the divine light, you reveal the reasons for your bondage, look at them without judgment, and dissolve them.

The time has come when an individual can bring about great change, and many individuals, together and in alignment with the light, can change everything.

The fence of illusion gets transparent

The fence of illusion surrounding this matrix is woven tightly, but it is getting transparent and is in the process of dissolving.

The dark rulers know this, and so they take massive action to maintain their position in this game. This demonstration of power on many levels will only last for a certain amount of time – and every individual is co-deciding how long that will be.

By awakening and taking yourself out of the game, you are giving the greatest support to the rapid dissolution of this reality – a reality that puts humans in a prison they can only escape from if they become aware of this.

Therefore it is of great importance that individual warriors of light awaken, take heart and first dive into their old wounds in order to then be able to escape them.

Being healed completely and owning your full power, this is where you are headed. That way, the small trail into the Golden Age turns into a wide path that more and more people can walk on.

I am with you for this meaningful process, because once you attain full power as a conscious human being, everything that is no longer nourished will perish and a new Garden of Eden will blossom in this world.

Dig deep into your own secret, retrieve the treasure of freedom and knowing, of peace and of love. Then the kingdom of heaven is in you, and you have arrived.


I am with you always.


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