Message from Archangel Michael


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Stop thinking

How can a person efficiently relax today and become still? This is what this message is about.


Beloved humans,

the pace at which the human race on this earth is going is unhealthy. The individual faces the choice to either keep up or consciously drop out – and this dropout has to be skillful, so that you find inner peace in a noisy outer world.

For that you only need to do one thing: stop thinking.

This can be achieved through meditation, in nature or in everyday life – wherever you are – through conscious impulses.

Relaxation and inner stillness can be achieved when the mind quiets down, when you become empty and no longer get upset by thoughts.

For that it is helpful to practice steadfast observation. This practice consists of observing everything you see, hear, smell or perceive in any other way without judgment and without asking for the reasons why. This brings about deep relaxation and peace.

Human beings can’t relax, simply because they are constantly upset by their own thoughts.

Considerations or worries, assumptions or opinions, evaluations or judgments keep you from staying centered or getting centered again.

Act consciously, step out consciously

The difficulty lies in stepping out of the habitual “life and thought process”. Therefore those who are inexperienced need to consciously take time for that. Meditation is the anchor, because before you can find stillness in your everyday life, you need to be able to be still when you are alone with yourself.

No longer getting absorbed by the hustle and bustle of the world requires ending the dictatorship of your own mind.

Many diseases of today result from the fact that the individual doesn’t find rest, sleep and periods of deep relaxation any more. Outer events have a much stronger effect on these people than on those who are calm and centered.

Therefore it is the right thing if these beings of light – who are working towards the shift and who let their light shine bright from above – keep an eye on their own wellbeing with the same dedication as on the wellbeing of humanity.

Only when a warrior of light comes from a well-grounded place of inner strength and peace, he can fulfill his tasks – and as long as the mind is dominant and restless, there is restlessness everywhere and stillness nowhere to be found.

Apply techniques that provide you with the ability to switch off your mind. Practice looking at things, situations or people without judgment.

Comprehending something deeply means seeing it the way it is, without any embellishment.

You are the world

Observe closely, free of judgment, and understand that the world is the way it is because you still are the way you are.

Changes happen once you yourself have changed.

A human being who has arrived in the realm of peace is the biggest agent for change and contributes the most to humanity reaching the Golden Age. You are the world and the world is you.

Far beyond mental perception lies all realization, and far beyond assumptions and opinions you will find the truth.

I am with you when your mind needs to become still. My light resolves everything you are ready to release, and my presence opens the path to inner peace.

Stillness is within you, when you are and all of life is.

A flower is a flower, an animal is an animal, and a human being is a human being. It is not essential to know more.
It is the practice of stillness that leads you directly back to inner peace.



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