Message from Atmar


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Be alert, stay alert or become alert – observe your own perception of all-that-is.

This time has full potentiality in store for you. All you need to do is to perceive these potentials, and right away your life will develop in the only appropriate direction: towards the return to God.


Consciousness from pure consciousness, love from love, and compassion with a hard-pressed humanity!

In fact, many of you feel pressured – pressured by the many and increasingly more numerous violations and assaults by the dark rulers of this matrix. This perception of yours is right. What is still wrong and imperfect is your response to it.

Don’t get impressed

When you are faced with any kind of imposition, don’t get impressed! When you encounter hatred, don’t get impressed but respond with compassion. When fear is spread, don’t get impressed but respond with love.

In the upcoming days scenarios of fear will increase, the goal of which is that mankind fearfully bows to anything that can be conceived and summoned up. The purpose is to irritate and weaken you until you give up all resistance and submit. I am telling you: Don’t get impressed by any of it.

Because it is your love, your realized joy, and your inner peace, that never let these fears get to you.

You are a creator!

You are the master! This time is a great opportunity for you to stay who you are, or become who you are, by the power of your consciousness.

The bigger and mightier the attacks on your free spirit are, the greater the chance for you to grow through this challenge. In that way all powers that are playing a different game than that of love and light, end up serving you greatly.

Fact is that you need to strengthen your spiritual muscles until you become immune to all energy fields that are clearly out to harm you.

Your consciousness is the key to everything, because it has the power to face every dark power with the mighty power of light. Be impressed with yourself and not with those phenomena that capable of making you fearful and worried.

Today, when many people are captured by a “lack of light”, it is essential that you point out your “abundance of light”.

Master, the only problem that truly exists is that you are unaware of your power!

Observe yourself. Be alert and conscious of the power you represent, and of all the things you can undo and resolve.

Joy is the answer

The highest frequency is represented by the joy flowing from a loving heart. If you vibrate in this frequency, all other frequencies don’t concern you anymore. The only way manipulations are possible is if you resonate with the frequency of fear.

Be vigilant wherever someone tries to diminish your joy, dim your light or obstruct your love.

Be observant whenever other people are haunted by great fears, and consciously counteract these fears with the energy of joy.

The more fears you perceive, the more joy you need to create – and you can achieve that through consciousness.

You are in the right place!

• You are here on earth now because that is exactly what you chose.

• You are in the right place at the right time! It’s right because you wish to experience this time with all its great potential.

• You are here because you may have reached the end of your journey !?

• You are here because you provide everyone who isn’t quite ready yet for the daring adventure of freedom, with your joy, your love and your light.

• You are here to be happy. You are here to be yourself.

• You are here to live – to live YOUR life, not just any life.

Be aware, master, that nothing can harm you as long as you are aware of your divine power. Everything serves you so that you can become conscious of your divine power.

Celebrate this dark time, because it holds the brightest light for those who look through the illusion and recognize themselves.

How powerful you are, and how little this time can do to you. Recognize this. Be alert, stay alert or become alert.

I love you endlessly. Light from light, love from love.



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