Message from Sananda


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

This is the message: Live your own life and disregard what other people say about it!

Beloved humans,

too many of you pay attention to the opinions of others around them and act accordingly. It is wrong to believe that you need to please others. It’s right to live your own life, regardless whether others like it or not. That is the only way you can create the experiences you need for your own growth.

If you base your actions on the opinions of others, you get stuck, can’t proceed and remain a prisoner of your own fears.

It is essential to obtain this kind of freedom now – and it can be achieved by becoming aware of your obstacles. Which fears cause you to adapt and to be in self-denial?

At this point one needs to take a close and uncompromising look, because independence and freedom can only be gained by means of an uncompromising attitude towards oneself.

Your fear of changes

And there is another matter that needs to be looked at closely in the light of God: your fear of change – any kind of change.

Many beings of light shy away from changes and prefer to continue life as usual. With utter sophistication they make sure that they don’t need to change any of their habits, correct their belief system in any way, or second-guess their views.

For many beings of light, transformation and self-reflection are only “buzzwords” they like to transmit to others but never apply to themselves. It is said:

Too many beings of light complain about a speck of sawdust in the other’s eye but are blind to the plank in their own eye.

Transformation has become a fashionable buzzword, the significance of which is rarely understood and the content of which reveals itself only to the few. A mere lip service, but hardly anyone is truly willing to subject themselves to it because the foreseeable and unforeseeable consequences are unwanted.

● There is a predominant misapprehension that transformation can happen without changing your everyday life.

● There is a common misconception that your inner shift can happen without visible effects on your life.

● There is a prevalent self-deception on all levels in those who believe that the healing process can happen without the willingness to question everything and – if necessary – give up everything.

Please shed light on these two issues, because it is indispensable that you live your own life – which is only possible if you pursue working on transformation accurately and profoundly.

And this means: being ready for any kind of shift and for any changes in your life, no matter whether they please or displease you or others.

Everything else is a lie and a fraud – lying to others and betraying yourself.




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