Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Attaining freedom in relationships

Cutting ties and attaining inner freedom – this is what this message is about.


Be aware that love only becomes possible if you cut all ties. Ties suffocate love.

When mothers and fathers love their children, and men love their wives and women their husbands – how can you become disengaged?

By allowing that your love can breathe – and it can breathe when you drop inner attachments to and dependencies from one another. Love means freedom, and any kind of tie opposes love.

Depending on someone or something diminishes love, and the stronger the tie of dependence, the lesser the love.

This is why I instruct you today to regularly cut all energetic ties with your loved ones. This means that you are invited to ask me into your lives so that I can use my light-sword to dissolve the multifaceted entanglements with people and things.

With the people you “love the most”, you need to pay even more attention to release them internally. Love these people the way they are, and not only when they meet your expectations. Because by releasing inner ties to people, expectations decrease as well, and the energy of love will start to flow freely.

Liberate yourselves from all dependency

Liberate yourselves from dependency of any kind. That doesn’t mean you should neglect your children or friends – on the contrary. Only through this inner attitude, this clarity of emotions and feelings, this purification of your energies, each person holds their own space and energetic infringements are avoided. For it allows every person to live their own life, and to act and be recognized as individual in the union with fellow human beings.

When the pendulum swings in the other direction, someone who hates has an easier time loving than someone who desperately clings to people or things.

Give your children the love they are longing for. Be there for them but don’t impose your concepts about life. Give your friends the love that they can readily accept and that you expect from them in return. Don’t interfere with their lives, but keep them company when it is wanted.

No human being belongs to another, everyone belongs to themselves and God – and only by dissolving inner ties you can begin to rise up to begin this path of realization.

This is the message: Cut all inner ties and the world of light will reveal itself to you. You and everyone you love will be rewarded with unimaginable freedom, love and peace.

I am







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