Message from Christ

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Human beings

need to prepare for death all their lives, so that when they leave their physical body, they can find the bridge into the light.

This preparation happens by establishing the connection between themselves and their spiritual family, and by being aware of the reality beyond the visible realm.

But what happens to those who, after their physical death, cannot perceive the bridge into the light and cannot cross it? What happens to those who all their lives remained unaware of the actuality of a life after death in the glory of God?

These people receive pointers from the angels of light. They are “light posts” that flash up whenever a being feels the true inner desire to turn towards the light.

As soon as a still longing for the light emerges, as soon as the search for the divine begins, and as soon as a being wants to leave the inert and mostly dark fourth dimension of existence, the angels of light are there and ready to guide these human beings out of the labyrinth of space.

This means: Not a single soul is lost, not a single person who has denied God and life after death for all their life is lost, if after drifting over into the other world he awakens.

It is never too late, and it is insignificant whether a person experiences their awakening on earth or adjourns it to another plane.

So never mourn the deceased. If you feel pain in your soul, pour your heart out to God. When beloved people leave you towards heaven, become light and remain confident, even when they were close to illusion and far from God for all their life.

Every being is taken care of, and during every transition into the light – whenever it may occur – there’s an armada of angles ready and focused on one thing only: supporting every being according to their soul plan and accompanying them through the maze of space and time.

There is no place in this or any other world that these angels of light couldn’t access. This means that, no matter how unfortunate the situation of a human being on earth or of a soul in another world may be, liberation is always near, and all it takes is the deep inner aspiration of the soul.

Who wants to complete their journey on Earth and looks into the light at the end of the tunnel, goes straight to heaven. Anyone who sees the light at the end of the tunnel but returns to Earth, remains amongst their light siblings beyond the veil for a certain amount of time before being reborn.

And even those who cannot perceive the light at the end of the tunnel are not left alone. As soon as the longing for light emerges in these creatures, the stairways are lowered from heaven.

Every person is entrusted in God’s grace, and nobody gets lost. Not even when life after life is lived without ever recognizing the illusion.

The day of the awakening comes for every human being. Until then it is a time of waiting, because the individual’s longing for God needs to be born first.

In that sense, beloved humans, pay attention to staying connected with God for all your life, and rest assured that even those who shy away from awareness will experience the day of grace.

Everything and everyone is taken care of. So don’t worry for a second – especially not when dearly beloved people leave you to continue their journey into the eternity of being.

I am the love and the life. I am the truth and the light.




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