Message from Sai Baba

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Continuous raise of frequency

Today I remind you that the frequency here on this earth is raised continuously. This means that humans are called upon to resonate and align their personal frequency with the respective frequency level.

This process, which is transforming a negative field of resonance into a positive one, is happening step by step – which guarantees that nobody is unable to cope or gets hurt.

If a person is not prepared to get rid of their 3D-frequency, they will fall behind, and at some point will be unable to bridge the gap between the different frequency levels or to make up for what they missed.

This means that everybody who denies the current energy changes will literally get left behind.

Protective shell around the galaxy

Furthermore, huge changes are happening in this galaxy. The same way the earth is rising, the galaxy is rising as well. Therefore a protective shell has been installed around the galaxy. This brings about that negative forces from the vastness of the universe are denied access to earth, and that dark entities that are here on earth cannot leave them on their own initiative.

As a result, these forces are realizing now that there is no way out for them. The vibration of fear is decreasing, causing their energy source to run dry, and they can’t resonate with the positive basic vibration of light that is spreading now. That is why these forces would try anything to create new energies of fear. For that reason only, they are considering the vast destruction of the earth.

These plans are failing, because the vibration of light has reached a level at which certain positive developments have become irreversible.

So this is the essence of this message:

Don’t be afraid! This earth and many humans have turned towards the light and are continuing to walk the path of truthfulness.

Neutralizing fear campaigns

Nothing and no one can turn back these developments! React to the fear campaigns of the previous dark emperors with awakened consciousness and “neutrality”.  Never get into these energies, never frivolously give into the temptation of taking destructive action.

This doesn’t mean that you have to passively endure everything – or give into fate! No. What this means is that you should face the today’s traps with great alertness.

When you are attacked, defend yourself.

When you are harmed, avert the damage.

When someone tries to weaken you by inflicting fear, become aware of it and let it go.

This is required now: working daily on your consciousness, awareness and alertness in every moment!

Now is the time when the biggest shifts happen due to your being conscious.

What goes on inside you is important, because it is the basis for transformation or potential transformation in this world.

This insight into today’s events should illustrate to you that things are developing in a positive direction, and that there is no reason to slide into anxiety about the future.

● Respond to the high frequencies of light by adjusting to them and resonating with them.

● Respond to all evil by rejecting it and continuing fearlessly on your path into the light.

● Dismiss all compromise and welcome clear decisions.

● Make sure to keep your inner core pure even when outer influences are trying to pollute it.

● Heal, release and transform all that comes up for you, until you have arrived with God.

For this earth needs perfected human beings so that it can perfect itself.
Be one of them.





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