Message from Master St. Germain

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Heritage from Atlantis (photo credit: Andrea Percht)

Does it get worse before it can get better?

Sometimes things get worse before they can get better. This also applies to transformational processes.

Don’t expect healing to happen immediately – instantaneously. Expect however that healing usually happens gradually. Healing processes are tied to human consciousness. This means that the realization of an issue is the cause of healing, sets healing in motion.

Many people are experiencing an aggravation of their physiological or psychological state during the process of transformational work. These are temporary phenomena, because when wounds are healed and closed this usually comes with new pain.

Perseverance and understanding correlations

At this level perseverance is of the utmost importance – and for that it is essential to find the right correlations.  Someone who understands the healing process has a different way of dealing with whatever kind of pain. For them, bad mood or physical limitations are temporary phenomena that are necessary to promote healing.

It is also important to understand that there are tremendous energy discharges on earth today, frequently causing irritations in a person’s energy body. Negative free-floating forms of energy vibrations latch on to human beings. This is weakening and may also cause discomfort.

Here, too, it is important to know the correlation, in order to avoid working in the wrong area or approaching the wrong problem.

Therefore: Neither your own transformation nor the transformation of other people can happen without temporary impairments or even aggravations of one’s overall state.

Awareness, patience and humility

Don’t expect yourself or others to always walk through life smiling, because now the point has been reached when the light-and-love-illusion is supposed to be seen through and overcome.

● Allow your healing processes all the time they need!
● Never put yourself under pressure!
● Don’t complain if things don’t get better right away.
● Stand firm in your effort to shed light on your affairs.

The goal is profound and permanent healing. This means that all levels need to be considered and that there needs to be enough time to integrate and process every single step.

Energetic healings change you, change your relationships and change your life. This always happens step by step or layer by layer. Please consider that you also have to be able to live with these changes and be able to handle them – integrate them into your daily life.

Therefore everything happens to the degree that you are ready for it and can process it. Don’t force anything, but let happen whatever is meant to happen and is possible.

The path into the light is a path of awareness and patience.

Walk it step by step, take breaks, but accept all challenges readily and humbly.

I love you endlessly, and I accompany you every step of the way.






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