Message from Sai Baba

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

When is love complete?

People say: “I am not loved! Nobody loves me!”
I am telling you: “Forget about this phenomenon, because what matters is that you love.”


Beloved humans,

Love is complete when you love – love doesn’t have to wait to be reciprocated.

Love makes you fearless – and when someone comes to you with their love, you won’t scare but will be able accept this love.

What matters in love is always whether you love, not whether you are loved in return. Love is selfish, the other person doesn’t matter.

Only through this awareness your love can spread all over and reach everyone.

As long as you expect that your love has to be reciprocated and returned, it is nothing but a deal – and most relationships are a nothing but just that.

If you love me, I love you back – and ideally our love is equal in intensity, amount and continuity. Beware of one-sided love, loving too much, giving too much and possibly getting too little or nothing at all in return. This is how love is viewed – and this is a concept of fear. It is characteristic of fear, of a fearful person, but not of a loving person.

Environment, education and religious concepts are to blame for this inability to love unconditionally. They are trying to teach you everything except the meaning of true love.

About people in love and lovers

Two people in love are perceived as a threat, and marriages are only considered good if the parents have a say in it. An enamored person doesn’t care about their parents – they want to be alone, alone with their loved one. Someone who is in love is happy, and as such the biggest danger to a society where fears rule and wars exist.

Why would a person who is in love care about war? That person is happy and not interested in fighting. A person in love is a huge threat for this system, which is why people around them always wait for them to go back to being “sensible” or “normal”, for the moment they can talk to them again – the moment they again behave as can be expected of them.

A person who loves experiences even deeper happiness and joy than a person in love. The kind of threat a loving person poses for this system is obvious.

Someone who has transcended the state of being in love is absolutely free from fear and cannot be controlled anymore by anyone. That person is free – and people are supposed to be kept from this freedom. If it were otherwise, love and freedom would be taught in schools.

Someone who loves God and other people without expecting anything from either is absolutely unswayable, doesn’t know envy, jealousy or hate, and is – above all – fearless. A state that is unacceptable to society, because people can only be controlled by a lack of love and by fear.

Be loving!

Be loving, egoists – meaning: make sure that you yourself are giving love, not receiving it. Don’t put a price on it and don’t turn love into a business.

„Tit for tat“ is not the way to go about love.

Love without being loved, give without expecting anything in return, and in a world full of unhappy people – be happy.

When it comes to love, what matters is you, love originates from you – everything else is not important.


Be aware of the beauty of your life when you love, and of the impact that comes from the power of love.




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