Message from Archangel Jophiel

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

The day is near!

● The day is near when everything changes.
● The day is near when humanity is released from all blockades.
● The day is near when the light breaks through and makes its way through the human hearts.

The day of days is near, and you are invited to prepare yourself well for it.

Beloved human,

Never fear your inner world, but enter it humbly, attentively and with devotion. Accept what reveals itself to you, whatever it may be; and when you no longer want it to be a part of your life, let it go, delete it and hand it over to God’s light.

Now, the only path is the direct path to God! 
Now, all paths that are supposed to lead you to awareness through SECOND or THIRD PARTIES are detours.

Now is the time when every human being can heal, grow and become, the moment they wholly, completely and absolutely give themselves over to God.

Be prepared to give up everything, be prepared to accept everything, and be prepared to take a good look at everything. Be prepared for really big steps, so that you can conclude your cycle of incarnation in the third dimension of light – and those of you who wish to stay here longer: Open yourselves to new experiences instead of repeating old life patterns.

Great awakening is happening on this earth. What has long been stored on the earth’s “hard drive” and in the hearts of humanity is now released: THE LACK OF LOVE.

Being soft in a hard world used to mean weakness, and it used to be that only the accomplished ones, who were sent to you from heaven at all times, were able to love in a world full of hate. Only few were able to see through the matrix, and hardly anyone managed to overcome it.

All of this is changing now

Now everything is liberated and put in its right place. Now the regency of light begins.

Humans leave the swamp of fear and step into a new well-tilled field of divine faith, divine love and divine connection. Humanity’s shift from unconsciousness to consciousness is happening now – a process that in the end cracks open all shells, so that compassion can emerge in all human beings. For:

Even the rocks will cry when human hearts are full of love.

It’s time for you to enter into life. Let everything that is happening happen inside of you. Open your heart and humbly ask God for his grace.

The message has been given.

My love flows to you, and your soul will be released from all the pain of many lives.

Say goodbye to this world so that the NEW one can reveal itself to you. Open your heart – because God is here.




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