Message from Master Mary

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Will humanity heal in divine light, and will the revelations regarding the ascension come true? Is it possible to motivate this humanity to turn around and change?

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Beloved humans,

the day of answers to all this is about to come – and until then enjoy the many small steps that some individuals are taking to get closer to God, so that embracing yourself becomes possible.

Don’t focus on “the full range”, but focus on what is going on with the people closest to you these days, and – above all – what’s happening inside yourself.

Miracle after miracle

is unraveling before your eyes in these apocalyptic days, and so I invite you today to open your eyes to those miracles.

Don’t just perceive all the bad in this world, but the beautiful, good and sublime that is spreading more and more despite tremendous wrongdoings of many people.

Catch sight of the world events in the eyes of the people you encounter. Release those people who continue to be trapped in old thought patterns, old emotional constructs and destructive behavior. Dedicate yourself to the observation of those who strive for perfection, and observe how they get closer to it, bit by bit, day by day.

Dwell – and this is the message – only briefly on those events happening worldwide that intimidate and scare people. Be aware that you should spend the majority of the day with fulfilling matters and thoughts.

Give the appropriate significance and attention to the upheavals of this time, but never dive so deep into this reality that you get lost in it.

It is very dangerous to forget the luminous, loving and beautiful aspects of life and reality that are revealed to you more and more each day.

It is a sin to see the bad and doubt the light or turn away when it shows itself.

Redirect your attention

Steer your attention into a new direction these days. Nothing shall irritate you, because the light is covering and protecting you as long as you stay connected with the center of all being – a connection that is achieved through inner peace.

So maintain this inner peace under all circumstances:

● Now this world is about to be unhinged, and nothing will last.

● Now this humanity is going to be confronted with its history and karma, and many won’t be able to bear this encounter.

● Now an era has come to an end, and a new time begins, with new human beings on a new earth, with new life in a new world.

Maintain your inner peace, protect your flame of transformation, and continue on your path towards the light.

Even if it seems to be all around you: leave the darkness behind.

God is omnipresent, and you find HIM in all people and on all paths of this world.

Beauty, light and joy – peace, light and grace:
Keep alive what nourishes you, and reject what impedes you.



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