Message from Sai Baba

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


If you don’t find a master, turn directly to God! God knows you, and God is the source of all realization.


Today some spiritual searchers face the question of how to proceed on the path into the light. Old concepts don’t hold any longer, and salvation promises often haven’t come true. So, how to proceed in order to return to heaven in the form of light and as a fulfilled human being?

Turn to God entirely

Fully surrender to God and invite God into your life! May God carry out what has gone unnoticed by you so far, and may God teach you until you have reached mastery over your low nature; that’s what it is about today, that people can progressively discard and overcome their “low nature”.

These days the main focus and importance lies in the transformation of the Ego, so that, rather than being the master of your consciousness, it can become the partner of your consciousness.

Taming the Ego should be at the core of all endeavors now for any serious seeker.

How you can achieve this is left to your own intuition and underlying soul plan. Do you trust a master in flesh and blood, or do you solely trust God’s guidance?

Scrutinize earthly “masters”!

If you turn to an earthly master for help regarding your being and development, then be alert and scrutinize this master.

Before you devote yourself to a “master”, scrutinize him, because you need to find out whether this “master” is pervaded by the divine and free from Ego, or uses the master-student-relationship for nourishing his Ego.

Before you enter into such a relationship and accept a master, take a close look. However, once you have said YES, be aware that only absolute dedication leads to success – a success which on the spiritual path is described as breaking the chains of transience and accepting and loving all-that-is. Knowledge, wisdom and reincarnation are the result of a successful training.

I am pointing out that now the time has come when every human being should commit directly to God. It may however still be valuable for some people to entrust an earthly master who deserves to be called that – because for some people certain steps can be taken more easily in this master’s presence. This refers to those who are still unable to develop true closeness to God because to them God seems far away and they can’t find God in their hearts yet.

An earthly master can open you up to this experience and prepare your soul for the direct encounter with God. Then the nature of a master-student-relationship is understood and brings about unmitigated salvation.

This message was about how to find ways to continue your transformational process, and who can be helpful to you in this process. In the next message* I will talk about dedication to the path and the readiness that is demanded from every person who truly wants to recognize God.

It isn’t much, and yet it is the biggest touch-stone and crucial for the success of one’s transformation: absolute devotion to God. The “tears of yearning” are the sign showing that you have reached that point.

I love you endlessly







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