Message from Sai Baba

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Where is God?

JJK: „People so often shed tears. Has anyone ever cried tears of yearning for God?“ My brother Karl had heard this allegory, and when we spoke about the nature of transformation a few days ago, he brought it up in conversation; and now, as the energy of this message is building up, I recall it.

SAI BABA: With this allegory everything is said that a human being needs to know in order to determine their spiritual position. Where do you stand, beloved human, now that you are reading these lines? Which issues are denying you direct access to God, and why haven’t you shed a single tear of yearning for God for that matter?

The time has come when the process of human awareness is accelerated to the extent that every individual who said YES to their transformation is thrown back into all issues that are still unresolved.

Questions about life and meaning are demanding to be answered now, and this means confrontation with your own shadows.

Sweet pain

At first it is painful to realize what you missed, but in the next stage it is pure joy getting rid of the burdens of all those times; and with each burden that leaves you, you become more permeable for divine love.

You then start remembering where you come from and where you are going; and suddenly a sweet pain emerges that you haven’t known before – it is the longing for coming home, the yearning for God.

These tears can only be cried by those who have reached the highest levels of awareness and who have unconditionally surrendered themselves to God.

It is a long path, and many lives are necessary to get to this point.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Get back to work!

Many lives – and this is what you, as you are reading this, should know – many lives that you have already lived! This means you are ready to access the highest levels of awareness today. So why do you still hesitate? Why do so many people still hesitate? Why is it so hard to disintegrate the last remaining shadows?

I am telling you: Some are tired because of the many strains, the others are self-complacent because of what they have already achieved. Both is unworthy of a human being that wishes to return home, and so I urge you:

Go back to work! The field has not yet been tilled, and the first pieces of fruit don’t constitute the entire harvest.

Who does this message apply to? Everyone who hasn’t shed a tear of yearning for God until today.
You will be surprised what it means to give wings to your yearning so that it can ascend to God.

In order for God to hear you, your devotion must be absolute – and your yearning is the power that brings about this unconditional devotion.

Give your all to the awakening of this yearning. For that it is necessary to overcome your weariness and to not declare acquired knowledge to be the ultimate realization.

It is about moving forward until at the last crossroads into the light God himself lends you his hand to bring you home into heaven.

I love you endlessly






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