Message from Archangel Sandalphon

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Love yourself with all your heart and soul, so that you can succeed in loving your neighbor. Because what do you intend to give if you don’t possess anything, and are a stranger to yourself? Or do you want to pass on your suffering and pain?


Love yourself and then love your neighbor – that’s the right order.

Many physical and psychological symptoms are the result of misunderstanding love and majorly lacking self-love. A large number of people get sick because of a wrong sense of what love is.

The religious conditioning of this matrix leads to the misconception that loving your neighbor is preferable to loving yourself. These are the dogmas propagated by the churches so that a person’s access to self-awareness remains obscured.

One of the most damaging dogmas that catholic and other priests are to be held responsible for is: “Love thy neighbor …” and “as thyself” is blanked.

Resolve feelings of guilt, erase dogmas

This game only works because significant amounts of guilt were imposed upon people simultaneously – first and foremost the “original sin”.

It is not the topic of this message to explain this any further, because you can easily find illuminating answers if you are looking for them. This message is about shedding light on these facts so that every person can realize the urgency of resolving remaining guilt complexes and erasing wrong dogmas.

Because from the moment this illusion starts tumbling, on the day that humans realize their innocence, self-love emerges naturally.

Then charity is possible, because it is not at all forced and free of any guilt. This means that all promises, oaths and initiations by priests of these religions need to be detected and dissolved.

This is the only way that freedom is possible, and anyone who is free can live in true love.

Contemplate and determine for yourself what is good for you and what is not. Remember that you are a divine being with all the divine abilities. At the beginning of this realization lies the awareness of self-love.

If you don’t love yourself you can’t give love to another. Because what you then give to the other is only a notion – something compulsive.

Charity should no longer serve you as a means of escape, but should be the result of your self-love.

Refusing “help” and saying no

The best way to find out if you have come to that point yet is by observing whether you are capable of refusing “help”.

Not everybody who cries for help is truly in need, and not every person who asks you for help is your responsibility.

Don’t confuse this with being coldhearted, because you need to become aware that you have to walk your own path free and clear and should not linger over every flower along the way.

If you can’t say NO to a cry for help, I invite you to confront yourself with this realization.

Freedom means being able to decide freely in any situation, and not being subjected to certain dogmas without free will.

Many people are afraid of this kind of freedom, because they would have to blatantly oppose public opinion.

The first step is therefore to become mentally aware of this. Look closely, don’t exclude anything, make inventory. Where do I stand in this matter?

When you start the liberation process, I am with you, and an entire army of divine beings of light comes running to shed light on these matters.

When you love yourself, you love everyone.

This is the way to unconditional love.




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