Message from Aton

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Application of power

Dream: I observe a person hypnotizing another in order to gain control over him. Even though I don’t know either of them, it is a situation I am not willing to accept. I intervene and tell the hypnotist to stop. I immediately feel how the magician is attempting to infiltrate my thoughts – to no avail. In fact, I start gathering my strength, and soon after I am in the middle of “taking over” the magician. He flees before that can fully happen. (End of dream)

Upon waking up I “randomly” choose an arbitrary book and start flipping through it, and I open a chapter about mind control. (End of report)

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Beloved humans!

This vision symbolizes your power and mental strength. Human strength – which means the energy that can emerge from a human consciousness – is unparalleled on this level of existence.

This fact hasn’t yet penetrated the human consciousness, and most people are completely unaware of this. Still most people are far from using their strength, but even on that level an awakening has begun.

The oppression, abuse and fear infliction by the rulers of this matrix were too strong for a smooth and natural shift from powerlessness to power. Therefore dreams are brought to you so that you can remember and experiment with your abilities.

Acquaint yourself with your power, that’s what matters now, and use it for the common good of all life.

It is the time of awakening – on all levels; the level of dreams is one of them.

This vision shows that you are never powerless, and that by the power of your spiritual consciousness you can confront any dark entity such as the dark magician from the dream. This dream also contains a second important message:

Don’t be scared! Face challenges and overtly fight all evil and evildoers in this world whenever it is apparent to you. There’s nothing these entities fear more than your bravery, your courageous assertiveness and your light.

You have nothing to fear when you fight the fights, that are forced upon you on this level of existence, with god and the light sword by your side.

In this current situation on earth, humans have essentially two means of revolution:

1.) revolution by meditation

2.) revolution by confrontation

Warriors of light who have attained a certain level of consciousness through meditation, confront themselves with the forces of darkness in order to keep them from evildoing. The dream points to that.

Interfere and confront

This means that essentially there are two ways that serve mankind and enhance the process of ascension with positive energy. Coming from a calm state of mind and a peaceful basic frequency, the individual needs to fulfill their mission. This may include confronting dark forces openly and directly and preventing their schemes.

Whatever your missions are, it is your meditative mind that matters, because only then can you withstand the energies of hatred and emerge victorious from a battle.

All revolutions lacking this basis are doomed, because at a certain point human beings lose control over their actions – and violence is met with violence, hatred met with hatred.

A successful revolution is always preceded by the completed transformation of the individual.

Therefore: Don’t be afraid! Because those who have returned to the realm of peace don’t have any “adversary” in this world anymore, because their actions come from a different place and they never abuse their power.

Then you can’t go wrong anymore, and encounters with dark forces don’t leave any lasting negative marks anymore – neither in your heart nor in your life.

In summary, this vision shows that you should interfere and that you can efficiently confront every abuse.

It is illustrated that at a certain level of consciousness you emanate such power and strength that the dark forces of this matrix have to resign.

The time of fear is over!

Those fears that are still being spread now and still emerge worldwide are supposed to hinder you and keep you from continuing and completing the described path into your own power.

Overcome these blockades! Realize that this new time belongs to you, and that this new earth is built by you. The cold race must yield – and they know it. That’s why they cause turmoil wherever possible and create discord while they still can.

A great day was prophesied to you, and a great day lies ahead of you. It is the day that those who are a plague to mankind and to the earth will have to leave this world once and for all.

Don’t be afraid, continue your path courageously, and don’t shy away from effort. The forces of darkness must be defeated and the victory of light must be gained.

We are well on our way, and you are capable of this.




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