8. October 2017


Mode of Action of Christ Consciousness 5


Valued readers, dear friends,

It is our pleasure to announce that the rock crystal disk Christ Consciousness 5 from the legacy of Atlantis is available again in our “Lichtwelt” shop.

We are very grateful for being able to pass these heavenly gifts on to you, and we look forward to your orders.


your “Lichtwelt” team Karl Kassl & Jahn J Kassl

Christ Consciousness 5
Mountain Crystal Energizing Disc from Atlantis

Cleans and energizes all liquids.

Returns all liquids to the original purified condition.

Healing and restructuring of human cells, meaning, activates the complete 12-stranded human DNA.

Supports the enfoldment of the light body.


• Put the disk directly into a water container.

• Put the disk underneath any water jug.

• Put the disk, as needed, on any part of the body, preferably on any energy center of the chakras.

• Use the disk for all liquids, in particular in cases of all diseases of the blood, like: anemia, hemophilia, cancers of the blood, iron deficiency, Hodgkin lymphoma, thrombosis, etc. by putting the disk on a chakra of your choice for at least 14 minutes or directly on the affected area.

• Use the disk for blood or liquid transfusions by putting it on the vein cannula or by attaching it directly to the blood or liquid bag.

• Attach the disk to any incoming water pipe.

• Use the disk during fueling by holding it against the fuel hose during fueling.

• Wear the disk on the body (pant or coat pocket, breast pocket or any other suitable area).

• Put the disk into any swimming pool or any other bodies of water.

• Do you have pain in any area of your body, put the disk on that area for at least 14 minutes and healing may occur (in case of open wounds clean the disk before and after the use with a disinfecting liquid).

• This symbol has been brought forth from the “Heritage from Atlantis”. Honor it and prove to be worthy of it, because the time of remembrance has come.

This mountain crystal energizing disk from Atlantis cannot be destroyed by anybody or anything, it is – even though breakable – indestructible in its energy, can neither be replicated or used inappropriately, because in that case it has no effect. Please use this gift from the HERITAGE OF ATLANTIS carefully. It is energized by ARCHANGEL METATRON, sealed and consecrated and is unaffected by any influence.

All healings described herein refer to the highest possible potentials, which are manifesting themselves differently in each individual. Remember: It always happens what is supposed to happen and should happen. SUREIJA OM ISTHAR OM

The “Heritage from Atlantis” is transferred from the “High Council of the Pleiades” to the Lichtwelt Verlag. All products, which are being offered by Lichtwelt Verlag, serve the healing of human Beings, nonetheless they do not replace the diagnosis or therapy from a medical professional (see also T+C 9.5.)



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