Message from Sanat Kumara

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Don’t be fearful and don’t be afraid!

Major times always bring about major events, and the transformation of the world comes with revolutionary changes on all levels.

Heaven knows you and protects you on all paths you are taking. Nothing is arbitrary! Least of all a human life that does not subject itself to arbitrariness and that serves humanity and planet earth.

Have faith and remain vigilant. Surrender to the flow of life and co-determine its direction. Resonate with divine love. Realize the importance of your existence and remove everything from it that potentially keeps you from leading a life that is good, full of light and love.

Learn to handle present circumstances! Don’t let turbulence, conflicts and uncertainty, which are predominant everywhere today, confuse you. You should rather try to draw value from them. The value is that you are aware at each moment and that you unleash its immanent potential for personal growth.

Nothing and no one can push you into chaos as long as you are aware of your role in this game at any moment.

This enables you to answer turbulence with calm, conflict with peace, uncertainty with certainty, and distrust with trust. These times raise a lot of questions. Look for answers until you have found them.


Don’t evade the truth, face the facts and realize that no event in this world, even if it may be fear-inflicting at first, justifies fear. After a conflict in the outer world always return to the temple of your soul and reconnect with the peace in your heart.

Wars that are still conducted on the “projection screen” of this earth may no longer pollute your core, your heart. The peaceful warrior is what is needed today; one who neither fights for the sake of fighting nor for the sake of warfare, but who acts in alignment with his divine mission.

As strongly as certain circumstances may appeal to your lower instincts, don’t let yourself get sucked in or dragged into doom. Because true warriors of light have overcome their martial nature and they step into an inevitable battle without hatred.

Assume your position! Study everything that exists. Accept everything the way it is. Become aware of the connections. Pay attention to all-that-is! While doing so, notice the strength and power emanating from you. Because the same way light pervades darkness, peace defeats war.

However, avoid “fake” peace, avoid the illusion of peace. Because if you permanently content yourself with it, you abandon yourself and lose a battle that needs to be fought before it even started.

Something most people don’t expect any more will happen: A part of humanity will return into the light, and the earth will heal completely.

Remain in position until relief approaches. Don’t be afraid because there is no reason to be. Much rather let the joy prevail that your arrival in the light is imminent.

The days are numbered – the oppressed rid themselves of their ties and rise to being masters of their own lives and existence.

The old world falls and the new world rises.
Now and forever.

I am


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