Message from Master St. Germain

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Is it the truth?

Preliminary remark about the following dream:
This dream was preceded by various processes I went through in the days and weeks prior. Initially I was busy pondering the question: how will each person individually experience ascension or the radical changes to come? Is everyone going to experience everything in the same or a similar way?  Or – as some messages state – will there as many ascensions as there are humans?

Then I became aware of the power of transformation radiating from the 70 cosmic pillars of light that were anchored in 70 cities around the globe.

After June 30th, 2017, the day of the light reading and 5th and final anchoring of light pillars, it will have to come to a series of major discharges entailed by the pillars of light. I saw:

  • The anchoring is completed.
  • Armies are facing each other in a conventional war.
  • In the midst of the biggest turmoil the event takes place and D-Day has come.

This was confirmed to me by the spiritual realms of light and consciousness: when I repeated my question, I was given the reply: “It is the truth!” (quotation marks!). The “quotation marks” in this context mean that this truth is neither the only truth nor is it true for everyone. So I was still somewhat left in the dark and the modality of “ascension” still eluded me.

A few days later –  I couldn’t let go of these topics – the following dream was brought to me, a dream the images of which are as fresh today as they were that night, and I assume that these images will stay vivid and fresh in my memory for the rest of my life.

It was a dream about ascension or the switchover to a new earth, the way I experienced it and the way some other people may experience D-Day, starting 12:30 p.m.

Dream: D-Day has come! All people seem to know that at 12:30 p.m. a celestial fire will take away all humans who should no longer remain on this earth. There is no panic or agitation; people expect the inevitable with stoic equanimity.

At exactly 12:30 it begins!

Cones of light descend

People around me, none of whom I know and none of whose faces I see, have formed a large circle. Then large cones of yellow-orange-white flames descend from the sky. The cone of light drop over people’s heads, soon thereafter envelops them completely and sequentially “vaporizes” all people. One by one everyone who has formed the circle with me disappears. Finally it is my turn, and I perceive the flame floating over my head …

Arrival at the new earth

The next moment I find myself totally unharmed on an entirely new earth! It’s as if someone had simply turned the page of a book. I am still standing on the same spot as before, I haven’t moved an inch, but the surroundings have changed entirely and all people are gone. Instead, two children are present, standing on either side of me.

I realize that I am on the new earth. Everything is peaceful and harmonic, and my body is much more ethereal; I seem to consist of pure light.

The air tastes like light, and the tender frequency of this earth conveys pure love. “Love is in the air” describes it best. The world is in absolutely divine harmony and the planet is dipped into white-golden light.

Trees, meadows and grass glow in intense colors, everything blossoms, bigger, more majestic, more beautiful, in a way we have never seen on this earth.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and not a single cloud in it. It is an overwhelming feeling.

I’m standing there with two children, on either side of me, holding hands on this new earth. I realize that “the event” has taken place. Then I wake up. (end of dream and JJK’s report)


Ascension at 12:30 p.m.?

Message from Master St. Germain

What matters now!

Beloved humans,
It is a huge mystery how worlds shift, split up and unite. It is a unique experience how this humanity returns into the light, and how some individuals will experience this process.

Comparisons and deductions are uncalled for, because each human follows their own lead and – if wanted – their own dramaturgy. Therefore only one thing matters from now on:

Always remain connected to the light of god, anchored in god’s love, and live an upstanding and truthful life. Remain compassionate, radiate kindness, and above all, have faith in god’s protection in the midst of the most radical changes. This is what is important now for all light beings of this earth.

Then you will have done everything you could, and when D-Day comes you will return into the world of light with joy and amazement. Beyond that, don’t discuss any further scenarios of ascension, but focus your entire strength on leading a sacred life.

Prerequisite for it is healing your mind, spirit and body. Therefore you should prepare for this day with prayer, meditation, transformation and dedication to god.

Mind the image shown to you in the dream, in which the world, the ground under your feet changes without you moving an inch. From one moment to the next you are, without noticing, being “shifted”.

  • The children holding hands with Jahn point to the innocence and the new beginning.
  • The shift happens to everyone, but people are being shifted in different ways and find themselves on different “new earths”.
  • The light, air, flora and fauna of this earth that Jahn and the children have set foot on point to a world in the fifth dimension. This world doesn’t know suffering or pain, and illness is unheard of. The existence in this world can be maintained as long as each individual wants.
  • The new earth will only be entered by few, which is why Jahn initially only perceives himself with the two kids.
  • Not one of the people (in the dream I only saw the bodies, not the faces, annot. JJK) who formed a circle with Jahn on the old earth and were absorbed by the flame reappeared on the new earth. This means that there will be big shifts of groups of people to new earths and that each soul will find a new home according to its frequency.

Ascension at 12:30 p.m.?

Will this happen at exactly 12:30 p.m.? Look closely at the symbolism of those numbers.

12 is the number of perfection and describes the perfect moment.
3 describes the unity of all life, and 0 represents God himself.
6 (1+2+3) describes the union of opposites, the becoming whole and healing of all life.

This means: Humanity returns healed and with god’s care to the unity of all being at the perfect hour.

On a cellular level this event is known to each human being. This explains your perception in your dream that everyone seemed to know that at this very moment the celestial fire would come down upon the earth.

This knowledge is stored in your hearts, and at the right time you will remember, and in that big moment you will be blessed with the necessary faith.

Don’t be afraid! There is no reason to be. And the imagery of the dream confirms this in wonderful ways.

I am with you. I am not leaving your side. I put my blessing hand over your head and wrap you safely in my light.

Judgement Day is close, the new earth no longer far. Celestial flames will descend – and they will recognize you.

I am with you.


>>> German original: Aufstieg um 12.30 Uhr!
>>> Warrior of light of Europe wake up! ASANA MAHATARI
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