Message from Babaji

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Form nuclei of the new mankind

Strive for unity in all areas! With unity you can achieve everything.


Unite in communities and create a new way of living together. Break through the principle of “divide and conquer” by joining forces and providing modalities of life that benefit you and take you from lack to abundance. A group of people can achieve what is impossible for the individual!

Be aware of the egomania that predominates today. People are raised to be “loners” and egoists so that they can more easily be controlled and manipulated. Nowadays healthy and sustainable communal structures are subverted or destroyed from the get-go.

Consolidate your resources!

Our society is regulated in such a way that everyone mutates into a lone fighter instead of forming a collective and thereby creating completely new life circumstances.

ebooks-telos-enAs long as you allow that you are being separated and divided, you don’t have any power – neither over your own life, nor over how to design human coexistence all together. Merge your financial resources, consolidate your non-material resources and your knowledge in all areas, and use your capabilities for the benefit of an entire community. Establish small communities and plan your coexistence in a new way! Please consider what this means for your children, because children who grow up in a healthy, interdependent and well-connected community have the best prerequisites for continuing your work of light.

Is this really necessary?

If you ask: “But is this even still necessary, now that the world is changing and we are expecting D-Day?”  I am telling you: Everything you recognize and resolve now will make the anticipation of D-Day easier and more relaxed for you.  A farmer knows the day of sowing and the day of harvest. Even though storms or natural disasters might destroy the crop, a farmer will never forgo sowing. Be aware:

Your incarnation comes with missions, and you must fulfill these missions until your very last breath on this earth – until you are called to return into oneness.

Don’t bow out of your missions until you have completed them! Don’t surrender to daydreams pretending that all you have to do is sit and wait for ascension! Empower yourself and take the fate of time into your own hands! Wake up!

Be outraged and take action! Change your own life circumstances! Join forces!

Don’t ever let the expectation of future salvation keep you from taking necessary actions in the present moment. That is the wrong way.

So go ahead and establish communities, pool all mental, spiritual, non-material and financial resources. Form nuclei of a new mankind that are worthy of the golden age. Put this into practice – the time of theorization has passed.

I am with you. I support and chaperon all projects that do justice to this and that are geared towards the wellbeing and unity of all people.


>>> German original: Schließt euch zusammen!
>>> Warrior of light of Europe wake up! ASANA MAHATARI
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