The divine Light and the ascended masters are among us. During “LIGHT READINGS” you may be able to sense this. The healing energy of our “spiritual companions from the Light”, our family from beyond the visible, will be available to all participants – healing occurs! The spiritual world works on and with human energies, it provides healing and effects in each individual whatever is allowed and possible in that moment. Angels, masters and our companions from beyond the veil fill the room and are among us, while the current message from All-that-Is is transmitted to JJK. The message flows through, and the Light brings clarity, understanding and love to those who want to feel connected to their source. Before the message is conveyed, the “anchoring of the pillar of light” is read. Each person in the room has the opportunity to silently ask for healing for himself or someone else. Everything possible will be rendered, everything ready for healing will be healed – God’s Light takes effect.

The transmission of the message happens in writing and is subsequently read to everyone present. Meanwhile we spend the time of transmission in silence, conscious of our soul and aware that HE is among us, and with HIM many other Beings of light who carry us, strengthen us, support us, and remind us of who we truly are. This usually takes about 45 minutes.

Then the message transmitted during the light reading is conveyed to the audience, along with all related messages received prior to the light reading.
At the end anyone present has the opportunity to briefly talk to the recipient of the messages or have one of his books signed. These books are available before and after each event.

Upon request, the current message can later on be sent per email or mail to anyone who experienced this evening.

This is a reading of a different kind, a gathering with the light worlds beyond the veil – an encounter with our family from All-that-Is. It is an evening of healing, of light, love and God’s grace.